Welcome to BlackBox Hosting

BlackBox Hosting is not just a world-class hosting company based in the UK, but a passionate team of technology experts supplying reliable, secure and cutting-edge solutions.




Multiple Data Centres in the UK

Situated in London’s high-tech Docklands area, our data centre is a large, purpose-built and ultra-secure facility that provides high performance and a controlled environment. This multi-million pound building is also home to a dedicated support team.

Tap into the enormous business benefits of co-location by housing your servers in our Central London data centre. Enjoy unprecedented access to specialist services with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have around-the-clock, enterprise level security protecting your assets along with complete disaster resilience, preparedness and continuity. There are also the practical benefits delivered by an advanced infrastructure, supreme economies of scale and lower latency.


Why choose BlackBox Co-location?

  • We provide data centre rack space and connectivity, with management of the data centre environment and Internet connectivity components
  • You’ll have fast and unhindered access to your web-based services without the investment in support staff, time and infrastructure support associated with in-house facilities


Premium Co-location

If you need a co-location service that transcends the norm, our premium service combines the same freedoms, flexibility and advantages of co-location with a range of world-class additions. These benefits include the ability to combine your servers and equipment with our managed hosting services in order to outsource tasks, streamline productivity and control your components.

Why choose Premium Co-location?

  • Enables self-managed co-located equipment to be combined with BlackBox managed hosting services
  • BlackBox’s experience in the provision of managed hosting means that you can outsource many of the tasks associated with a web-based business, freeing up your internal resources and capital
  • Data centre space and connectivity is included, plus you will benefit from the full management of selected components (e.g. backup, proactive monitoring and managed firewalls)

To find out more about what BlackBox can offer you for custom rack space, co-location or hosting solution designs, simply give us a call on +44 02037407840 or Contact us.