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“Two and a half years ago we launched the prototype for our new hosted service in conjunction with BlackBox, which was comprised of six servers with about 40 users. Today we are running over 600 servers with over 4000 direct access users and around 10,000 web users. BlackBox have taken this growth in their stride and delivered exemplary support and advice. New servers are deployed from our pre-configured templates within hours and our monthly billing is broken down to our own analysis requirements.

We are so pleased and confident in their resilience and business continuity capabilities, that we have just moved our own in-house servers to their environment.”

Howell Jones – Director –

“BlackBox Hosting provided a first-class server setup for Universal Extras and assisted our web developers during the complex migration from our old to our new website. The new server infrastructure is fast, reliable and scalable. We also get excellent IT support and I would have no hesitation in recommending BlackBox Hosting.”

William Bembridge – Marketing Manager –

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“Ethical IT have been clients of BlackBox Hosting since day one. We make use of BlackBox’s hosting platform as an extension of our own private cloud environment as BlackBox are able to provide the flexible and high performance IaaS platform that is critical to our business. We find BlackBox Hosting to be an extremely technically proficient, responsive and efficient partner in line with our own culture and ethos. We could not operate in the way that we do without the services that they provide to us. BlackBox Hosting helps Ethical IT to provide solid private cloud environments to our charity clients across the UK.””

Jim Druce – CTO –

“After 20 years in business having our servers supplied by one of the major providers (1and1) it became increasingly obvious that in the event of a server going down, our options to recover our important data was not being taken seriously. After meeting and discussing our requirement with BlackBox Hosting it became very apparent that they would do everything they could to do this with the benefits of the data centre being in the UK rather than abroad. BlackBox Hosting also take time to assist you with your server setup and any issues you may have such as setting up SSL Certificates which is never a simple task. One simple call and the task is scheduled and completed swiftly and our company feel that our servers are being managed securely with a great backup and support facility.

I can’t recommend these guys enough.”

Matthew Yates – MD –

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“BlackBox Hosting have provided us with a reliable and resilient dual Internet presentation for our backup Internet circuit. We needed a resilient circuit that could give a single /27 IP range to connect into our firewall cluster to provide an additional Internet connection should our primary circuit (and its backup) fail. We have not had any issues with the services and have tested to ensure that the Internet is available even if one link was to go down, confirming that their setup is working as expected. ”

Mamun Ahmed – Head of IT –

“I have been doing business with BlackBox Hosting for approximately three years. In that time, I have found them to be reliable, providing an integral part of my web business. Their management is always efficient, their response fast and I have been more their than satisfied with their proactive approach to service delivery. I would like to think BlackBox Hosting are friends as well as suppliers.”

Robin Hollington – MD –

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