Covid-19 Business Continuity Statement

Covid-19 Business Continuity Statement

BlackBox Hosting wish to update our customers with our operational contingencies in light of the COVID-19/Corona-Virus Pandemic.

We are continually reviewing the UK government guidelines:


On 26th February, BlackBox Hosting’s senior management made the decision to invoke our Business Continuity Plan as an early precautionary measure.

This meant our staff were instructed to remain at home and work remotely with only one staff member being present in the office. We also have one staff member on 24-hour Emergency Callout duty for the duration; and a staff member within 5 minutes of our primary data centre for additional resilience.

Risk Mitigations

BlackBox Hosting is a unique service with no real reliance on any one company. Our operation was designed to allow staff remote working and out of hours, so this does not differ too far from our regular operational status.

We have enough stock to replace all equipment with onsite spares; as well as maintaining hardware support by third-party vendors. We recently purchased enough hardware capacity for 300+ new VMs to mitigate against supply-line issues which could arise.

We also made arrangements to mitigate against the reduced ability for 3rd party vendor/supplier engineers to visit our data center locations and feel satisfied there is no significant impact to our operations.

Next Steps

Our intention is to update this information if required as the situation unfolds.

If you have any questions concerning our readiness in managing the risks from this global pandemic or any other related information, please write to:

Everyone here at BlackBox Hosting would like to wish you, your family, colleagues and friends good health at this difficult time.

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