Welcome to BlackBox Hosting

BlackBox Hosting is not just a world-class hosting company based in the UK, but a passionate team of technology experts supplying reliable, secure and cutting-edge solutions.




Offering Total Peace of Mind

We understand that the management of data is critical to your business, but unfortunately the unacceptable loss of data is all too common in today’s business environments.

BlackBox Hosting backup solutions keep your data safe, secure and always available. In the event of a loss of data, it will be restored quickly and without hassle.


We ensure that your data is protected and secure so you can focus on your business.

  •       We backup entire servers with flexible retention periods
  •       Offsite backup options are available for ultra protection
  •       Multiple levels of backup are available including snapshots, file, VM and more
  •       Real-time replication provides total business continuity
  •       Secondary data centre outside of the primary data centre blast zone
  •       De-duplication technologies to enable quicker backup and restore times
  •       Backup tests will be performed as required
  •       Backup reporting and analysis
  •       Laptop and PC cloud backups are available
  •       3-2-1 backup strategies involving onsite, offsite and archiving of data


As with all of our services, we do not advocate a one-size fits all approach; we take the time to understand your requirements before designing a secure product that simply works. Developed to streamline your IT processes, increase and enhance productivity, BlackBox managed cloud hosting solutions come with expert, readily accessible support as standard.

To take the first step towards the freedom and flexibility of a commercial backup, just give us a call on
+44 02037407840 to talk through your requirements or Contact us.