BlackBox Hosting is going GREEN friendly

BlackBox Hosting is going totally 100% carbon zero “green” using renewable energy in its commitment to achieving net zero emissions on all activities.

Being environmentally responsible is our core vision and part of our DNA.

We are dedicated to creating a computing environment that uses resources in the most efficient manner, with less impact upon the environment and the World around us.

This includes the use of power and water utilisation, CO2 creation and materials required to produce the equipment within it.

Sobering Stats

of worldwide global electricity is accounted for by data centres that consume more power than that used within the entire UK.
of worldwide global greenhouse gas emissions are contributed by data centres.
Electronic waste (E-Waste), is a by product of data centre refresh activities. A recent EPA reports that E-Waste overall accounts for 2% of solid waste and 70% of toxic waste,

BlackBox Hosting is committed to achieving the EU Commission directives to have climate neutral services by 2030.

In fact we are not waiting for 2030, we are targeting 2022 for completion based upon these strategic pillars.

Green Energy
Green energy from sustainable sources to power all data centre equipment and office space with no fossil fuels.
Power Consumption
Use of reduced power through energy efficient, state-of-the-art technology.
Recycling assets
Reductions of E-Waste with equipment monitoring refresh cycles.
Efficient Data Centre Infrastructure & Buildings
Efficient Office and Data Centre infrastructures using sustainable materials and recycling waste.
ISO Certified
ISO 14001 Environmental management system.

We will achieve our target ambitions of 100% carbon zero energy data centres and offices run on renewable energy wind, hydro or solar sources.

Data centres have a huge impact on the world we live in, consuming vast amounts of power. That’s why our data centres and office space will be powered in this green way.

Want to find out more about what a “green” BlackBox Hosting could do for you?

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